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  • 15:36 @kimvermillion if it helps at all, I think you do a marvelous job at the career you're in. #
  • 15:38 oh god why did stumbleupon take me to "this is why you're fat"? There was a reason I was avoiding it, man, I'm not that kind of fat girl! #
  • 15:39 Looking at all that deep fried shit is really unpleasant. I made it through 7 pages and now I think I might hurl. #
  • 15:40 I love sweet stuff, man, but not in that kind of quantity, and I honestly could go the rest of my life without bacon and not mind. #
  • 15:40 Clearly I am a failure as a fat person. #
  • 15:41 example: I'm snacking on graham crackers. Apparently fat people are supposed to eat deep fried tootsie rolls instead. #
  • 15:46 okay now I'm actually getting sympathy pains in my chest from looking at disgusting heart attack foods. #
  • 15:48 @riamarie I don't think it's really necessary to deep fry ANYTHING. I think this is possibly why MD never seceded from the Union. #
  • 15:50 @shanajeanh graham crackers kick ass. Is it weird that I actually sort of like how I end up picking smushy cracker bits from my teeth? #
  • 15:56 Sarah Jane just decided to come hang out with me, hoorj! If you don't know Sarah Jane, she looks like this: is.gd/piM9 #
  • 16:03 @riamarie I concede that point, funnel cake is awesome. #
  • 16:16 @Reila and the amounts. It's like, if you've piled deep fried shit to the extent where a PIZZA is the bun, that is just way too much food. #
  • 16:17 @_superboy dude, don't even get into inherent powers vs. machines and gadgets. That whole man vs. machine argument is going nowhere. #
  • 16:19 my mom finished a gryffindor beanie hat this morning, but it's adult-sized and she's making it for a kid, so she's gonna make another one. #
  • 16:19 That seems to me sufficient explanation as to why I'm still wearing this red and gold beanie. #
  • 16:47 RT: @wilw: Useful link of the day, from Wil: The five best sources of free entertainment on the web is.gd/pji6 #
  • 16:49 @sandeepparikh I think this world needs more echogasms. #
  • 16:50 @shanajeanh awesome! I have loads of stuff that needs framing too. #
  • 17:39 @betsythemuffin I <3 Nana. I really need to finish reading it. #
  • 19:54 @stephenfry possibly they meant PSAs? #
  • 19:56 @mspotamus are you guys playing marry shag cliff? #
  • 19:58 who invented small refrigerators? Not mini-fridges, just non-huge fridges. Because they are useless. #
  • 19:59 Also why is it me who has to break her back trying to shove shit in there when I didn't even buy these groceries? #
  • 20:00 Also why do I always want to put a D in refrigerator? Is it because I subconsciously want to type "Frigidaire"? #
  • 20:03 @latvianquiet yeah, that's probably it. That confuses me. I mean why does fridge have a D when refrigerator doesn't? #
  • 20:05 Maybe I should just go old-school and start calling it an ice-box. That has no confusing letters. #
  • 20:06 @latvianquiet to be fair, that's part of why the english language is so awesome. #
  • 20:07 anyway, now I have to go put in a frozen pizza for my dad. #
  • 20:27 @mspotamus sure! #
  • 20:33 @mspotamus WAIT WAIT WAIT VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Is this Real Genius Val Kilmer or old Val Kilmer in a robe Val Kilmer? #
  • 20:35 @mspotamus I guess the answer's the same either way really, cuz I don't want to catch diseases off Britney #
  • 20:36 @mspotamus so therefore: shag Val, marry Mike, cliff Britney #
  • 20:37 @mspotamus oh that one's terrible, everyone would want to marry Julian, and then you have to decide which of the other two to kill! #
  • 20:38 @mspotamus also probably RDJ and Russell both have their fair share of diseases. #
  • 21:57 @notsolaconic awesome! #
  • 23:14 @mspotamus omg can I bring the Mamas and the Papas? This is clearly a fantasy world where Mama Cass isn't dead. #
  • 00:20 RT @retweet: Flickr founder unveils new startup "Hunch": tinyurl.com/dnlp5n #
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